Planting Background Plants

Planting Background Plants

February 26, 2017

Simple Tips for planting a variety of background plants!

In general any plant can be a background plant in proportion to the size of the tank but for larger tanks, these here are easy lower maintenance options that can look stunning.

You will find lighting requirements are higher because these plants are usually planted in tanks 60cm tall and above.

When selecting background plants, please take note of the size that the plant will grow into and if it will fit your tank. These plants may be deceptively small only sold as marble size bulbs or small baby plants and would never hint that it grows to such large sizes!!

Cryptocoryne crispatula var balansae

C. balansae is a favourite background plant that has long narrow crinkled leaves that grow in fast flowing waters. It can grow longer than 1m! Great for really tall tanks!

Echinodorus Oriental

Oriental Sword is a hybrid that produces beautiful new pink leaves.

It can easily take up a 45cm diameter area. It needs moderately higher lighting intensity to colour up. Great for discus to shade under!

Aponogeton longuplumulosus

A bulb plant with long undulated leaves that will occassionally flower in your tank. The leaves are flexible and will go wit the flow direction, giving an impression of a flowing stream. Can exceed 1m in length!

Nymphaea zenkeri red

Tiger lotus is a popular lotus that can produce very red leaves in bright lighting and nutrient rich conditions.

In larger tanks, it is more suitably placed as a midground plant as a focal point. Plant two or three plants 3-5cm apart to create a compact & impressive display.

Aponogeton boivinanus

A bulb plant that produces long lush dimpled leaves that will occassionally flower in your tank. Given time, it will produce leaves that follows the flow of your tank.

It reaches 90cm in good conditions!

Aponogeton ulvaceous

A fast growing magnificient bulb plant that also makes a great focal point plant. It spreads out like a bouquet and can fill a 45cm diameter area quickly so do give allowance!

Take note that Aponogetons may need some rest period where the bulb will shed leaves and should be taken out and kept slightly damp and cool for about a month before replanting.

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