Trimming and Pruning aquatic plants

Trimming and Pruning aquatic plants

February 26, 2017

For cutting large chunks of stem plants
Short Cutter 18 / 28
Long Cutter 18 / 28 / 38 / 48

With especially long cutting blades, the Short and Long cutters allows effortless and speedy trimming in a stem domainated aquascape tank.

For delicate, pin point trimming of stems or rhziome

Cutter 18 / 28

Useful for small area or chopping off rhizomes of bolbitis, ferns, anubias and such.







For cutting delicate and small leaved plants
Spring Cutter 18 / 28

Trimming moss and foreground plants in a nano tank is made easy with the springy scissors.



For cutting foregronud plants
Wave Cutter

Cutting up large span of foreground plants such as glossostigma, hairgrass or echinodorus tenellus is a quick and clean job with Wave Cutter.


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