How to split 1 CO2 Supply to multiple tanks

How to split 1 CO2 Supply to multiple tanks

February 26, 2017

1 CO2 supply, for multiple tanks

Now, here's a quick, easy and economical way to split up your Co2 supplies to multiple tanks, from just 1 CO2 system.

The Solution - MistKing Nozzles Spare Parts!!


Using the high quality joints and unions from MistKing, you can easily hook up multiple tanks with Co2, provided they are in close proximity. This is a perfect solution for hobbyists who keep many things in a room, or a couple of tanks over a long desk top.

What Do I need?

* MistKing 1/4 inch Tubings
* Mistking Tee joints, Elbow joint and other joints
* Fine Tune Valves
* CO2 Diffusers
* BorneoWild Grey/Clear Tube Set
* BorneoWild Co2 Glass/Steel (Optional)

What are the Steps?

1) Pull enough length of tubing from Co2 Tank to the last tank you have.

2) At each tank interval, cut the tube and install a MistKing Joint (Tee/Elbow). The joint for the last tank should be an Elbow Joint.

3) Attach enough length of black tubing from the fine tune valve closer to the tank, where you can adjust CO2 Bps conveniently.

4) Beyond the Fine Tune Valve, use any Co2 tubes, Check Valves, bubble counters and diffusers as you would for a regular set up.


No a big problem!! Instead of using a MistKing Elbow Joint, go for a Tee Joint and end it with a Plug (Stopper). When you are ready for another tank, just simple extend it!




Are there other types of joints and unions?

Definitely a yes! There are different types of Unions and joints from MistKing that allows you to create a neat and efficient connection.

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