Choice of Red and Green Plants

Choice of Red and Green Plants

February 26, 2017

Red Stem Plants

Red stem plants are arguably the most demanding of plants in the hobby but they are also the most striking.

Here's a few choices that are a great mix, not together but with other green stem plants as to not overpower the senses!

Rotala macrandra narrow sp

The intense wine red leaves are small and compact that will stand out as amongst a group of green stem plants.

Ludwigia arcuata

L. arcuata can become an intense deep red. It turns olive green in lower lighting conditions.

Alternathera reineckii

A moderate difficulty plant with maroon red leaves.

Rotala macrandra

A delicate stem plant tht will thrives in bright light & lots of nutrients

Rotala rotundifolia

Easy to shape like it's green contemporary. R. rotundifolia red is an impressive plant if you provide it with lots of light, nutrients, especially iron (Fe2+) and cool water.

Green Stem Plants

Green stem plants provide a nice thick lushness to any planted tank.

Here's a few choices that will surely brighten up your planted tank.

Hottonia palustris

A gorgeous green stem plant with leaves resembling snow-flake, this plant is challenging but rewarding. It need lots of light and nutrients in cool water to flourish.

Pogostemon erectus

A favourite stem plant to emerge in recent years. P. erectus is easy to grow into a bushy thicket with minimal effort. In bright light it will turn into a warmer yellow tone.

Rotala pearl

Rotala pearl is one of the smallest stem plants with very beautiful pink purple undersides. Not the easiest, it takes some patience to make a large thicket.

Syngonanthus sp belem

An old favourite, notoriously difficult plant, S. belem grows well in nutrient rich, high intensity light and cool water. Replanting of crowns is necessary to maintain a nice thick bunch. It's bright green crowns are an impressive sight to behold.

Rotala rotundifolia Green

The ever popular R. rotundifolia green is a staple of the plant tank for it's ability to fill an area. With some skill in trimming, this plant can be teased and shaped to the aquascaper's content.

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