What's nasty that comes with the plants?

What's nasty that comes with the plants?

February 26, 2017

Utricularia gibba is one of the hardest to remove once it's lodged in your mosses or hairgrass. It becomes an unsightly mess that you have to remove regularly. This hitchiker usually comes with your purchased plants, so prevention is key. Be very thorough when removing, even tiny bits can multiply and become a big problem later on!

Soaking Your Plants

Many plants that you purchase from stores may not be safe for use immediately. Some may comes with pesticide, ink from wrapping news paper, algae, or some could have some hitch hikers such as snail eggs. To reduce the risk of introducing algae, we recommend washing and soaking the plants from few hours to overnight using BorneoWild Phyton.

Use 1 drop per 5L of BorneoWild Phyton for soaking purposes or massive algae handling.

Prepare to Plant

Just before you start planting, remember to trim most of the emerse leaves away so that the plant can divert more energies in growing new shoots. We also recommend planting the stem plants in short stems of around 4 inches. You can plant them deep showing only the top 2-3 inches above soil level.


Here's a quick guide for Stem Plants:

Measure about 10cm (4inches) in length and cut with a pair of sharp scissors.

Trim the leaves about 5cm from the base of each stem.

Remove any dead leaves to reduce rotting leaves from polluting the tank.

You are now ready to plant!!

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