Getting CO2 into your Planted Tank

Getting CO2 into your Planted Tank

February 26, 2017

Diffusing CO2 into the water in the form of micro bubbles

One of the things that plants need to live and grow, like all living things, is carbon. Plants get carbon almost exclusively from carbon dioxide (CO2). When submerged, only the CO2 that is dissolved in the water is available. Thus, it is important to add CO2 in order to grow plants!

At Green Chapter, we offer you 3 options to get CO2 into your planted aquarium easily. These are via the means of Glass DiffuserAtomic Diffuser as well as CO2 tablet form for small tanks not using a Gas Tank / Solenoid regulator.

GUSH Glass Diffuser Series

The GUSH diffuser is designed to placed elegantly at the side wall of the aquarium, with a durable suction cup. The Diffuser 15 is the largest model which can be seated conveniently at the corner of the tank with 2 suction cups. Place the diffusers in the flow of current to enable a better diffusion throughout the aquarium.


The BORNEOWILD Atomic diffuser creates very fine micro bubbles of CO2, substaintially improve the efficiency of diffusion rates. 


There are 2 models. Use the 50mm diffuser for small tanks 60cm and below, and the 80mm diffuser for larger tanks.




BORNEOWILD CO2 Glass and CO2 Pipes allows you to connect diffuser/atomiser elegantly in the tank without loose and untidy tubings.











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