Aquascaping with Driftwood

Aquascaping with Driftwood

February 26, 2017

Scaping can be challenging but here's a tip to making a nice layout.

Start dividing the tank into one thirds and two thirds! It's that simple!


Start with the largest piece. Make sure it's big enough to reach the sides of the tank or even stick out a little.

Close enough! Do try other angles.

Now divide the smaller 1/3 area with a smaller suitable piece.

1/3 : 2/3,Check!

Next put some stones to support the branches.

These small stones also serve to create loose barriers for planting later on. It also helps keep the soil that is usually piled up higher at the back from tumbling to the front by fishes or the water current.

Again arrange more stones to divide the soil area into 1/3: 2/3 parts!

Proportions, check! Just roughly will do of course!

Add some detail on the foreground and your scape is done!

Simple isn't it? Happy scaping!

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