Scaping With Rocks

Scaping With Rocks

February 25, 2017

Scaping with Rocks

Here's a quick guide:

Start with the largest rock. If you can't find a nice rock that is big enough, you can raise it up with smaller flat ones.

Place it off center to create a more dynamic composition.

Follow up with the 2nd largest and 3rd largest rock.


By scaping in size sequence, you can map out the space accurately with fewer major adjustments.








Use even smaller rocks of similar texture to make more details & layers for more depth. Rocks should never lean or touch the glass to faciliate easy maintenance or prevent scratches.

Always peek over the top to make sure it looks good from the top. Notice the spaces left for planting the foreground, midground and background plants.

Fill any indentation caused when arranging the stones with more soil to fill in any gaps or uneven areas.

Use a tool like the BW Sand flattener to smoothen narrow areas.

Step back and see how the layout can be further improved.

In this case, more rocks were added to make the main rock more dominant.

Lastly, we added some pebbles that help prevent slope erosion around the mid areas.


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