Setting up a Planted Tank with BorneoWild

Setting up a Planted Tank with BorneoWild

February 25, 2017

Find yourself a suitable sized tank. We recommend a GUSH Crystal Garden (30/45/60 L cm) for superior clarity. You will need some pumice stones and some base fertilizers powders. Lay a thin layer of pumice stones at the base of the tank.
Recommending the BorneoWild Base Substrate System, it comprises of 1. Balance (Mineral Powder), 2. Boost P (Nutrients) and 3. Bacter Crystal (Substrate Bacteria). These allows a quick maturation of the substrate eco-system, providing the plants roots with an ideal growing environment. Sprinkled them evenly over the pumice stones (or bare tank base).
Next, simply pour the adequate amount of BorneoWild Plant Soil II. covering first the substrate fertilizers and then, go on to create a slope to make the aquascape more 3-dimensional. You can create a neat slope now by tidying it up with a BorneoWild Sand Flattener.
Place the selected driftwood into the tank. For a easy guide to create pleasing design, follow the golden ratio rules. You may top up more soil to create higher slopes which will be supported by the wood.
Get ready some assorted sized stones that suits your design Place them to your liking but remember to use some of them to supprot the slope.
Now you are ready to grow some plants! Fill up the water enough so that you can planting the plants in front. Use a dish or a plastic bag to protect your newly laid soil.
We recommend start planting from front to back, low to high as you fill up water. Fill more water as you complete planting at each level.
There you are, a planted tank!

What other stuff do I need?

While you fill up the tank with water, we suggest you dose the anti chloramines along the way. We recommend either ATM Barrier or ATM Paradigm for this process. You can use the during regular water change (with tap water) too!

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