ZOO MED Eco Earth Loose (8.8L)

Brand: ZOO MED

Size: 8.8L

Eco Earth is an excellent bedding material for frogs, toads, dryland newts (not aquatic newts), tortoises, box turtles and other terrestrial type turtles, forest dwelling lizards and snakes (not desert species) and all types of invertebrates including hermit crabs.
-Ideal substrate for naturalistic terrariums
-Made from an eco-friendly renewable resource


Made from the husks of coconuts.

8.8 liters

Usage Guidelines:
Pour Zoo Med's EcoEarth into the enclosure to the desired depth. For burrowing tortoises, terrestrial turtles (like box turtles) and toads we recommend a depth 1.5 to 2 times the height of your animal. This provides your reptiles/amphibians with enough substrate material to create natural burrows or "microclimates" which is critical to the health of many humidity loving reptiles and amphibians. Cork bark pieces are an excellent decorative elements to add on  top of your Eco Earth substrate and function as "roofs" for microclimate caves.

Mist your EcoEarth daily to achieve the desired humidity level in your enclosure. Check your humidity gauge to confirm that you have the correct humidity level for the species you are keeping.

Clean and change as needed.