WITTE MOLEN Country Budgie


Composed with care from high-quality ingredients. A great taste and a good source of essential fibres, vitamins and minerals. Optimum stomach and intestinal function and a healthy plumage. Contains oyster shells.

  • Complete menu with millet
  • Meets the daily nutritional requirements
  • Rich in fibre for optimal stomach and intestinal function
  • Extra zinc for a healthy plumage
  • Contains oyster shells

Birds eat as often as they need to. Make sure the animals
eat all ingredients and provide fresh food regularly.
Always give unlimited access to fresh water.
Store in a cool and dark place.

"Seeds (millet 70%; yellow millet, white millet, red millet, la plata millet), cereals, vegetable (by)products, bakery products, minerals (oyster shell 1.2%), oils and fats, yeast"