VIV Glass Red Worm Feeder (400-03)

Brand: VIV

The Red Worm Feeder has a few key functions, it helps prolong the survival of live food, it regulates the release of food, which in turn allows your fish to catch most of the feed. This also has an added benefit of lowering the pollution of water as most of the food is eaten before it settles in the substrate.

There are many types of feeing rings of various quality and prices. What we aim to provide is a high-quality glass blown feeding ring for a very reasonable price. A glass feeding ring will not only be easier to clean, but it creates a food zone where your fish will know it is a place of sustenance. Furthermore, just like the Worm Feeder, it isolates the area of feeding, which aids in less food to settling to the bottom.

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400-03 Red Worm Feeder -
501-01 Feeder Hanger -