VIN STORM Activator (250ml)


Properties: Contain natural ingredients and help Nitrification stability. Use with Storm Bacteria for better effects.

Function:Effectively decomposes organic accumulations and reduce pressing impact on shrimps. Help bacteria fast breeding and purify water. Suppress all kind of worms to breed.

Usage: Weekly add it and shake well before use; 10 CC of activator for 100 L of tank water. Use with Storm Bacteria and Ecological Bacteria Group together for better effects.Avoid direct sunlight.

Calculation:Length*Width*Height/1000 (Unit: Liter)



使用說明:每星期添加乙次,使用前請先均勻搖晃,每100公升的水添加活化水10 CC,搭配暴風硝化活菌與生態菌基使用效果更佳,避免陽光直射。

容量計算:缸長x寬x高/1000 (單位:公升)