VETAFARM South American Mix for Conures, Amazons & Macaws (350g)


Key Features:
Includes specific amino acids and proteins required by South American Parrots. Completely balanced extrusion cooked diet. Contains fresh nuts (peanuts) to appeal to exotic parrots and replicate their natural diet. Contains all necessary nutrition required for general year round maintenance and increased fatty acids, protein, vitamins and calcium to support egg production, young bird growth and general breeding success.

Recommended for:
South American Mix is recommended for small to medium South American parrots such as conures, african greys and amazons. South American Mix can be used for any pet or breeding South American bird.

Also suitable for:
Australian and Asiatic parrots.

Can use with:
South American Mix is a complete diet, no additional dietary supplementation is necessary. Fruits and vegetables can be given as behavioural enrichment.

Pellet Size:


South American Mix should be fed at approximately 8 to 10 percent of the birds weight daily.
Food should be fed in a clean, dry dish place where it cannot be contaminated by droppings, water or cage substrate.