GREENSPADE Vermiculite (蛭石 / 5L)


Vermiculite is a form of mineral rocks with high water holding capacity. It is brownish-gold coloured and lightweight. It improves soil aeration while retaining moisture. Ideal for germinating seeds and growing bulb.

Size: 2mm to 4mm

Green Spade Vermiculite is a mica-like special mineral (Iron magnesium aluminum silicate), which expands around 15 times in volume by popping effect when heated to 1,600 oF. The result of expansion enhances the substance’s moisture absorption and water retention capabilities as well as allows free air passage i.e. the vital aeration to the roots of the plant.


• Inorganic and does not deteriorate. Last for over 20 years

• Exhibits excellent water retention

• Improves aeration of soil of soil

• Has a pH of 6.0 – 7.0