Tillandsia usneoides (Spanish Moss)


The biggest requirement Spanish moss needs in order to grow as an aerial plant is a tree or shrub to grow from. Spanish moss also needs the warm humidity of a tropical or subtropical climate to thrive. Because of its climate preferences, Spanish moss grows best in zones seven through 11. It needs bright but not direct sunlight.

The best way to accommodate Spanish moss is to make sure that it gets morning and evening sun. The plant also needs good air circulation, as it receives all of its nutrients from the air. When growing Spanish moss, make sure to keep it away from hot windows or walls, as the plant may absorb the heat and dry out or even burn.

When growing Spanish moss indoors, make sure that it has something to grow on, such as driftwood, rocks, or other decorative items. Make sure to place Spanish moss near a window—but not where it will be exposed to direct sunlight during the summer. Like outdoor Spanish moss, growing the plant too close to a hot window or wall will have negative effects on the plant’s growth.