TETRA Micro Granules (100ml)



Granulated food with top-quality nutrients for the special requirements of small ornamental fish

Red granules contain carotenoids to enhance colour vibrancy

Green granules contain plant-based ingredients for health and vitality

The small granules soften up quickly so that the fish can eat them easily

Balanced formula comprising plant and animal based ingredients

Highly digestible, which helps to keep the water clear

Also ideal for young, growing cichlids and marine fish

Feeding Form



Fish and fish derivatives, Cereals, Vegetable protein extracts, Vegetables, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Yeasts, Oils and fats, Molluscs and crustaceans, Minerals, Algae.


Crude protein 44,0%, Crude oils and fats 11,0%, Crude fibre 2,0%, Moisture Content 8,0%.


Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effect: Vitamin A 29870 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 1870 IU/kg. Compounds of trace elements: Manganese (manganese (II) sulphate, monohydrate) 67 mg/kg, Zinc (zinc sulphate, monohydrate) 40 mg/kg, Iron (iron(II) sulphate, monohydrate) 26 mg/kg. Colourants, Preservatives, Antioxidants.