Suisaku Pro-Hose Water Change and Gravel Wash Tool for Fish Tank / Aquarium Size : M
Tube length: 44cm,
Hose length: 155cm,
Hose diameter: about 26mm inner diameter and 27mm outer diameter.
Best for middle size aquariums - 45cm or higher fish tank

Water change is a routine maintenance of fish tank /aquarium. When regularly changing water with a fresh one, it can reduce toxins in the fish tank /aquarium, while removing waste from gravel can maintain a natural balance in the aquarium environment.

Suisaku Pro-Hose water change and gravel clean tool is a multi-functional tool. It changes water and cleans the gravel as the water siphoned out. It is a handy tool to keep fishes healthy. You will never have a tough time to keep your aquarium sparkling clean.

Easy to set up and operate to make fish tank maintenance easier, faster and neater
After the installation, submerge the tube and pump the bulb to start the siphon. Just squeeze the pump a few times to get the water flow and it starts to suck up the crud at the bottom of your tank! You can also pump up and down in the water to get it start. Please remember to keep outlet hose is lower than the inlet.

You can insert a gravel tube into the gravel bed and stir it. You will find a lot of dirt siphoned out! The gravel cleaner actually works by pulling and tumbling the gravel in it, so it cleans all the mess. It is easy to clean the bottom of the tank.

Treat your fishes friendly and let your fishes live healthily and happily
There is a filter (the fish saver) to keep fishes or other inhabitants from being suctioned up into the bulb. During the siphon, it will not disturb fishes or damage the decoration. After removing dirt, the fish tank / aquarium looks cleaner and the fishes are healthy.

Flexible and high quality
The connectors are all solid with no annoying drips to deal with. The bucket clamp can prevent the hose from slipping out of the bucket. Makes water changes much easier.

You can even connect with an extension hose and fill aquariums without buckets.