Brand: STARX

• Starxle G affects the central nervous system of insects resulting in paralysis, failure to feed and death.

• Starxle G is a root-uptake (systemic) insecticide that can be used by dibbling it into the bottom of the planting hole or incorporating into the planting soil.

• Starxle G is a magenta-colored insecticide, coated with dinotefuran, a third Generation chemical in the neo-nicotinoid group, a chemical mostly found in tobacco. This product has low toxicity to humans, mammals, birds, fishes and the environment.

• Starxle G is a root-uptake (systemic) insecticide which makes it most suitable at killing insects hidden in plants and underground.

• Starxle G is efficient in controlling insects for 30-45 days. It can protect crops from insects such as cotton leafhoppers, aphids, mealy bugs, leaf miners and from underground pests such as ants, termites, ground beetles, subterranean ants, etc.


Apply Starxle G at 2 g. per planting hole or per plant.

• Starxle G can be dibbled into the bottom of the planting hole or pots at time of transplanted from planting pot or nursery.

• Starxle G can be applied together with seeds at planting time. •

Starxle G can be scattered around the plant’s base after planting.