STARX Epsom Salts (500g)

Brand: STARX

A highly soluble form of magnesium sulfate, two elements that play vital roles in the uptake of phosphorus and nitrogen in plants, as well as the production of several plant enzymes. Magnesium sulfate is also essential for healthy growth and development of plants, production of chlorophyll and also giving plants their healthy green colour.

Before application, it is best to test your soil to determine whether it is deficient of magnesium. Some plants are capable of growing in soils with low magnesium level. However, plants such as roses, tomatoes and peppers require lots of magnesium, and therefore, are more commonly watered with Epsom salt.


  • Helps with phosphorous absorption
  • Increases natural resistance to disease
  • Absorbed by both roots and leaves
  • Deters pests such as snails and slugs
  • Increases over output of plants
  • Improves overall plant health