SICCE Canister Filter (Whale Series)

Brand: SICCE


The new external filter range ideal for any aquarium with an EASY START UP system. With a large filtration volume this range is granting crystal clear water to any type of Aquarium with an extreme silent operation.

Focus On:

- Unique and practical concept of self-priming system;

- Flow regulation directly on the tubing;

- Ready to use and easy set-up: complete with accessories and high quality filter media included;

- Several capacious floating baskets for biological, mechanical and chemical filter media;

- SICCE Energy Effecient Technology (powered by SYNCRA SILENT motors): lowest consumption for greatest filtration performances.

   "The Whale pump" by Roman J., McCarthy JJ (2010) :

A study in 2010 has attributed to whales a positive influence on the productivity of ocean fisheries, in what has been termed a "whale pump."

Whales carry nutrients such as nitrogen from the depths back to the surface. This functions as an upward biological pump, reversing the assumption of some scientists that whales accelerate the loss of nutrients to the bottom.

They note that this nitrogen input in the Gulf of Maine is "more than the input of all rivers combined," some 23,000 metric tons each year.