SALIFERT Nitrate (NO3) Profi TestKit (up to 60 test)


SALIFERT Nitrate (NO3) Profi TestKit (up to 60 test) is backordered. We will ship it separately in 3 to 7 days.

Salifert Boron Profi Test Kit for reef, marine and advanced freshwater aquarists are some of the most precise and accurate test kits on the market.
Kits are available for all aspects of the aquarium’s chemistry, covering organic and inorganic pollutants as well as valuable marine trace elements to allow for accurate dosing when additives are required. The kits feature bold colour changes and good colour comparison charts so that you can be sure of the water’s chemistry.
Once you’ve conducted your tests, you may find that it is necessary to increase how regularly you conduct partial water changes, or appropriate treatments may help to give your aquarium a much needed boost.
Salifert Boron Profi-Test:
  • Boron is very important in marine environments. 
  • Too low a concentration can slow down the growth of corals and calcareous algae, and too high a concentration can result in a build up of boric acid which can act as a bactericide, killing essential bacteria.
  • Concentration in natural sea water is relatively low, between 4.4 mg/L and 4.8 mg/L.
  • Monthly boron testing is therefore advisable.
  • The Salifert Boron Profi-Test kit measures the level of naturally occurring boron in steps of 0.5 mg/L.
  • Appropriate corrective measures can be taken with Salifert’s Boron Additive
  • Sufficient for up to 25 tests