Rotala nanjenshan (1 POT)

Brand: GCS

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Rotala sp. "Nanjenshan" is a fine-leaved plant with a very bushy growth habit. It comes from Taiwan, where it has only been found in one single location near the town of Nanjenshan. With its millimetre-thick lineal leaves it reminds a lot of Rotala wallichii, but unlike the latter, it is of a light green colour, sometimes with reddish shoot tips. Under lots of light, horizontal to overhanging lateral shoots will form. It was erroneously called "Mayaca sellowiana", although there is no connection with this Mayaca species. It may look a bit like it, but it is not related. The plant grows to a wide bush when the conditions are favourable. The bushy growth habit can be greatly enhanced by trimming. Rotala sp. "Nanjenshan" grows best under relatively strong light and the addition of CO2.