Rotala macrandra green (1 POT)

Brand: GCS

Rotala macrandra 'Green' is a relatively small, delicate variant of the species R. macrandra quite easy in cultivation. It has become known as R. macrandra "Wavy". Compared with the standard form of R. macrandra, the leaves are relatively small, longer and greener. Under strong lights, they can be wide ovoid and assume nice reddish hues. Trimming the stems ensures a nice bushy growth. If you let Rotala macrandra 'Green' reach the water surface, emerged shoots will develop, with roundish, green, shiny leaves and flower spikes with whitish flowers.

The plants you receive may, or may not be in this submerged form. New shipment of plants may be in their emerse form which is green in color and looks different in shape.