Rosy Loach (Petruichthys sp. "Tuberoschistura arakanensis")

Brand: GCS

The Rosy Loach (Petruichthys sp. "Tuberoschistura arakanensis"), is a nano-sized member of the loach/botia family indigenous to Myanmar and Thailand. In addition to its very attractive appearance, this beautiful loach is also highly desired due to its extremely active and outgoing personality as well as its relative adaptability.

The Rosy Loach is an omnivorous micropredator requiring a diet of meaty foods regularly supplemented with vegetable and fruit matter. It will often accept high quality dry foods, but its diet should also include regular offerings of live/frozen meaty foods of invertebrate origin. It may also benefit from supplementary vegetable matter. Like most loaches and botias, it may eat small snails, but this is probably not such a concern with medium and larger snails in larger aquaria due to this loach's tiny size. It may be compatible with adult dwarf shrimp, but it will likely prey on dwarf shrimp fry. It should be no threat to larger shrimp.

Its useful to clean up corners and narrow spaces in the tank.