REINAQUA VERMEX (Oligochaeta (white) worms control / 10ml)


For effective and safe control of Oligochaeta (white) worms

10 ml treats 2000 litres approx.

In freshwater aquaria, the tiny white worm is a common occurrence when there are excess nutrients in the water. These worms of the Oligochatae class mostly feed on sludge and detritus

While mainly harmless, some of them carry parasitic diseases. Their eggs are deposited into cocoons, which is difficult to remove by just changing water.

Vermex is an effective solution to this problem. When applied, Vermex gets absorbed into the worm’s system and eventually kill them within a day.

Repeated use will ensure that all adult worms as well as those newly hatched from the remaining eggs are eradicated. Vermex is not harmful to fish and other non-target animals.


8 drops per 50 litres of water (or a standard 2 ft tank)

Do not overdose.

See bottle for instructions.

Caution: Do not reuse container. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Seek medical treatment immediately if product is swallowed.

Keep in cool and dry place. Store below 40c.