PSITTACUS Hand Feeding (Mini Porridge)


Suitable for small seed-eating parrots (nymphs, lovebirds, budgies, parakeets wavy, neophemas, Forpus ...).

Pap below.

It can also be used from an early age after Psittacine Milk Replacer Crop.

It is designed to raise a slurry manually, from the week-old birds granivores small parrots (nymphs, lovebirds, parakeets ...).

Dried whole egg contains. also it contains papaya, flattering the digestive transit.

Its use is recommended until emancipation.

These small parrots have a capacity of crop and food habits very different depending on the species and stage of development.

For example, if average parrots ingest 7 to 10 ml of slurry per 100 g of weight, nymphs ingested without problems up to 17 ml per 100 g of weight and take when they emplumándose (especially in the first and the last shot of the day).

The fundamental thing is to ensure that before each meal the baby craw is completely empty and that we consider the degree of fullness that chick demanding explicit food with greater or lesser intensity.

The number of shots and the amount of slurry to be supplied must always be based on the capacity and proper emptying of the crop, but also food requirements expressed the bird itself.

Please provide the slurry with a syringe with soft probe of virgin rubber or silicone.

This is the method we use in our breeding center as the most safe and clean.

We recommend stimulate the animal pressing the side corners of the peak to induce swallowing movements, before the introduction of the probe.

Stage: Since feathers jut to emancipation.

Concentration: Approximately 25% solids in warm water.

Guideline: 7 to 10 ml of mush and takes 100 g weight of the bird.

Buche empty or nearly empty before each shot.