ORIENTAL TC (Cryptocorynes wendtii green / C3489)


Cryptocoryne wendtii is one of the most popular and long-kept plants in the entire aquarium hobby. It is a great plant for beginners, but can also be used for very advanced aquascaping projects!

Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green" is likely the most well-known crypt and is native throughout Southeast Asia. It has been developed into countless varieties of color and size. This green variety is excellent for the forground and midground of the aquarium. Green Cryptocoryne wendtii will thrive in the low-light, low-tech aquarium.

Green Cryptocoryne wendtii is slow and steady in growth. It can adapt to a reasonable variety of water parameters as long as it does not have to endure sudden changes. Like most Cryptocoryne species, it should be allowed plenty of time to “settle in” and should not be moved constantly. Once established, it will reproduce by sending runners that will grow into new plants.


CO2 supplementation is beneficial, but not necessary for this plant. It will also benefit from supplemental fertilizers and nutrient-rich substrate