NUTRICOTE (18-6-8 / 100days)


Nutricote™ 18-6-8 100 days with Micronutrients is a 100% controlled-release homogenous fertilizer that provides constant nourishment to your plants across a 100days* period. A product of Japan, Nutricote™ features a proprietary resin coating technology that, upon contact with water, produces molecular passageways in a maze-like form within the resin coating. These passageways allow water to penetrate the granule to slowly dissolve the nutrients within and deliver the nutrients in a constant dosage over the stipulated 100days*.

Key Features:

- 18-6-8 100days formulation with Micronutrients ensure all rounded plant nutrition

- Higher nitrate nitrogen percentage encourages faster and healthier new leaf growth

- Perfect for green (non-variegated), leafy foliage plants (Philodendron Majestic, Anthurium Warocqueanum, Philodendron Joepii, Everfresh Tree - Pithecellobium Confertum)

- High quality product of Japan

– stringent QC to ensure granules are similarly sized for consistent nutrient release every time

- Lasts an average of 2 months in Singapore climate, saving you time and money

- Does not ‘flash release/ dump’ it’s nutrients during hot, humid and wet environmental conditions, protecting your plants from potentially deadly root burns

- Nutrient release is unaffected by soil type and soil PH

- Available in 200g, 380g and 1kg packs

General Dosage Guide:

- Simply sprinkle Nutricote™ on top of your potting medium (around the plant) or mix it into your medium as desired

- Minimum dosage (based on 6inch diameter round pot every 2months)

o Sensitive plants with delicate roots – 0.5-1tsp

o Hardy plants – 1.5-2tsp