Marimo Ball (4PC / 1cm)

Brand: GCS
  • LOW MAINTENANCE AQUATIC PET FOR CHILDREN --- Parents, teachers and children all love the kid-friendly Nano Marimo Moss Balls. These beautiful and rare aquatic plants are very easy to care for and take up minimal space, making them an excellent living accessory to your home, child’s bedroom or in the classroom. Only needing room temperature water, indirect lighting and a quick water change every few weeks, the marimo moss balls are an ideal first pet.
  • HIGHLY BENEFICIAL PLANT FOR MANY TYPES OF AQUARIUMS --- As a living plant, marimo moss balls provide all of the same benefits as other plants, such as providing oxygen and absorbing CO2, nitrates, debris, ammonia and phosphates. Since marimo is actually a rare type of algae, it requires the same nutrients as invasive algae, thus consuming any resources that undesired algae would need to survive. Marimo moss balls house beneficial bacteria on their surfaces harboring great seeding material.
  • EXOTIC PLANT TO INCORPORATE INTO EXISTING GARDENS --- Because of their compact size, uncommon natural spherical shape and amazing nutritional benefits, the Luffy Marimo Moss Balls fit flawlessly into any current underwater habitat. Beginners (who prefer easy to care for air plants and cacti) and urban gardeners must be conscious of the size and requirements of their plants; the 0.6” (1.5cm) nano marimo moss balls are a small yet dynamic supplement to any water garden.
  • HEARTFELT GIFT FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL --- We all have that friend or relative who seems to have everything, making it hard to come up with a memorable gift for a birthday, anniversary or housewarming. Using the versatile and beautiful marimo moss balls, you can create a handcrafted gift truly from your heart. Add some shells or a few crystals, water and the vibrant green plants of love to a clear glass heart shaped jar to present to that special someone.
  • UNIQUE ADDITION TO FUN DIY PROJECTS --- Perfect for everything from sophisticated table centerpieces for a green-themed wedding to creative, cost-effective home decor using old light bulbs, aesthetically appealing marimo moss balls from Luffy fit in with a wide array of do-it-yourself projects. Imaginative artists and hobbyists of all ages have the freedom to create one-of-a-kind arrangements with extraordinary and exciting living plants.