MANITOBA Parakeet Universal

Manitoba Parakeet Universal - 1kg /3kg

The great variety and the peculiar organoleptic characteristics of this mixture allow each species bred in captivity to reproduce the diet most similar to its natural needs.

Available in:
1kg, 3kg

Suitable for:
- Parakeets
- Lovebirds
- Cockatails
- Conures
- Rosellas
- Quakers
- Ringnecks

Millet yellow, millet french white, canary seed, oats peeled, soghum white, millet red, safflower, wheat, buckwheat, sunflower striped lregi, paddy rise (rough rise), sunflower white egypt, flaxseed, hempseed

The daily administration of the food must correspond to the average quantity consumed in 24 hours, taking care to clean and wash the manger before each administration. This hygienic-sanitary practice must also be extended to the drinking trough, ensuring fresh and clean water always available.