MANITOBA Fruit Cocktail (700g)


Manitoba Fruit Cocktail - 700g

Manitoba Fruit Cocktail containing all the fruits and vitamins that your bird needs!

Available in:
- 700g

Suitable for:
- Parakeets
- Conures
- Parrots

Peas, Kenya White Sunflower, Peeled Peanuts, Grapes (Dried Berries), Banana (Dried Berries), Popcorn, Swiss Pine Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Carob, Whole Almonds, Hazelnuts, Extruded Corn, Shelled Almonds, Papaya (Dried Berries), Pineapple (Dried Berries), Apricot (Dried Berries), Rose Hips, Peeled Walnuts, Macadamia Seeds, Chili, Brazilian Nuts, Orange, Fruits kiwi, Lemon, Cherry

The daily administration of the food must correspond to the average quantity consumed in 24 hours, taking care to clean and wash the manger before each administration. This hygienic-sanitary practice must also be extended to the drinking trough, ensuring fresh and clean water always available.