MANITOBA Budgies Best Premium (1Kg)


Manitoba Budgie Best Premium - 1kg

The Best Budgies Premium is the ultimate expression of a nutritional leader in the livestock sector which is the profession of Manitoba. To the already rich recipe based on the Budgies Best Premium, 10% of Japanese Millet, oyster shells, and 5% of NectarManitoba are integrated.

Available in:
- 1kg

Suitable for:
- Budgies

Millet yellow, Canary seed, Millet French white, Millet, Japanese, Oats, peeled, Millet red, NectarManitoba 2mm, Hempseed, Flaxseed, Nigerseed, Oyster shells

The daily administration of the food must correspond to the average quantity consumed in 24 hours, taking care to clean and wash the manger before each administration. This hygienic-sanitary practice must also be extended to the drinking trough, ensuring fresh and clean water always available.