Lilliphut Bird Cage keep birds happy and chirpy as it is spacious and stylish design.
- Non-toxic coating which is guaranteed safe for the bird
- The bird cage comes with 3 wood perches
- The bird cage comes with pull-out tray that is easy to clean
- The bird cage comes with bottom equipped with slide in a drawer for ease to remove excrement.
- The small bird cage is convenient for raising all kinds of birds.

Lilliphut Bird Cages are the perfect home for your pet bird!
TM2210 / 
TM2220 / 
TM2310 / 58.2 x 40.7 x 16cm
TM2201 /
TM2230 / 66.5 x 38.5 x 39.5cm
TM2240 / 48 x 44 x 49cm
TM2250 / 74 x 55 x 26cm