JUN Platinium Soil (Black Super Powder)

Brand: JUN

Platinum soil, a bottom floor material for aquariums, creates clear, sparkling water with 100% natural materials. It has a natural water quality adjustment function that is friendly to aquatic plants and fish, and maintains highly transparent water for a long time! In addition, it accelerates water rise and cultivate beneficial bacteria.
This product is a slightly acidic using 100% domestic natural black clay.
Ideal for aquatic plants, bee shrimp, etc., maintaining a soft water environment. Absorbs pigments of driftwood and phosphoric acid that causes moss with the power of natural soil.


 ■ Important ■

Immediately after setting the soil floor, the water quality may be unstable or nitrite may be detected. After setting, be sure to operate the filter and confirm that the filtration is working properly before introducing the living body. In addition, durable aquatic plants such as hygrophylla are effective to speed up the stability of water quality.
At the beginning of the set, bubbles may be difficult to disappear, but are harmless to the living body.
As it disappears in a few days, there is no problem in using it.

Estimated amount of water used in main standard water tanks
30cm cube water tank: about 0.9 liter per 1cm thickness
45 × 30 × 30cm water tank: about 1.3 liter per 1cm thickness
60 × 30 × 36cm water tank: per 1cm thickness 1.8 liter
90 × 45 × 45 cm water tank: about 4 liters per 1 cm thickness
120 × 45 × 45 cm water tank: about 5.4 liters per 1 cm thickness


* Sand-based products are generally sorted by sieves, but long and narrow grains may be larger than the stated grain size. Please note.

※ As it is a natural material, garbage such as plants and wood chips may be contained. When using, remove it with a scoop.
* Because it is a natural material, the grain size may vary slightly depending on the lot even for the same product. Please note.
* In the case of gravel, most of them are marine products, so shells and coral debris may be mixed in.
Shells and corals have the effect of raising the pH, so if you raise a living body that prefers an extremely low pH, or if you are worried about it, use it after acid treatment.