JPD Medaka Zen Fish Feed (Fry / 30g)

Brand: JPD

Medakazen is a feed that contains nutrients and various functional ingredients necessary for the growth of medaka fish.

Due to its high nutritional value of high protein (over 53%) and high fat (over 10%), it has excellent growth performance for medaka fish. Special raw materials such as lactic acid bacteria, butyric acid bacteria, and brewer's yeast can be expected to improve the survival of medaka fish (reduce mortality rate).

This is a fine particle type food that is easy for medaka to eat.


  • Fry (JPD44144): Recommended for young medaka fish after breeding.
  • Hikari Medaka (JPD44151): Contains nucleic acid containing the light component (guanine) of scales.
  • Mucosal Enhancement (JPD44168): Contains an ingredient (mannose) that protects the mucous membranes of medaka to maintain its health. It is more effective if you give it to your fish before it becomes unwell, such as when it has just been moved to a new tank or when the season changes.
  • Super Colour Enhancer (JPD44182): Contains vermilion colour enhancing ingredients.
  • Breeding (JPD44175): This food can provide excellent nutrition to female medaka fish before and after incubation. Astaxanthin improves egg quality and supports the reproduction of medaka fish.