JBL ProFlora pH Control Touch

Brand: JBL

JBL ProFlora pH Control Touch is backordered. We will ship it separately in 3 to 7 days.

  • Promotes plant growth and leads to lively fish: measurement and control computer with touchpad for the high-precision calculation and control of the best pH value in aquariums
  • Connect sensors (pH sensor not included), set desired values in menu, connect with solenoid valve (not included)
  • Digital measurement and control technology: graphic display, direct user interface, separate sensors for pH value and temperature
  • Compares desired and actual pH value and controls the CO2 supply with solenoid valve (not included)
  • Package contents: CO2 controller with touch display; incl. wall mount, power supply unit, temperature sensor with 2 suction cups and connection cable for the solenoid valve, cuvette holders for calibration liquids

Product Information: 

Healthy fish thanks to ideal pH value 

The acidity defines the pH value of the water. It needs to be constantly checked and adjusted as necessary to maintain the health of the fish and plants. The correct pH value depends on the fish stock of the aquarium. The wrong pH value can cause stress and diseases. 

Technical information 

Incl. temperature sensors, modern graphic display with touchpad, sensor check during each calibration, error diagnosis after failed calibration, permanent display: pH actual/set value, sensor voltage, temperature, calibration reminder in days/hours, valve status, precision of measurement, set point adjustment: freely selectable or automatic calculation by means of auto pH, automatic temperature compensation during measuring and calibration, yysteresis freely selectable (upper and lower deviation from switching point), password key lock, alarm function pH (alarm range), alarm function temperature (range and set point alarm), selectable valve status, language selection: D/EN/F/NL/I/DK/E/P, reset function, universal power unit suitable for all common mains voltages worldwide. 

Electrode to be separately purchased to make sure that user always gets a brand-new sensor. The electrode needs to be replaced about once a year.

JBL ProFlora pH-Control Touch

Art. no.: 6318700

EAN Code: 4014162631879

Voltage: 12 V

Volume packaging: 4.600 l

Gross weight: 1174.000 g

Net weight: 940 g

Weight factor: 1000

Size(l/h/w): 63/295/248 mm