JBL ProAir a50

Brand: JBL
  • For a safe oxygen supply in aquariums. As quiet as a whisper (< 38 dB (A)) thanks to its special housing stands, sound insulation and weight.
  • 50 l/h air output with > 160 mbar air pressure at a power consumption of only 2.3 W.
  • 1 diaphragm und 1 air outlet.
  • Ready-to-connect diaphragm air pump with 2 m hose, check valve and air stone.

Technical Data

power output in Watt:

3 W

output per hour:


FAQ : 

Does the use of bubble stones and a strong current expel the important plant nutrient, CO2, from the water?

A bubble stone does NOT expel CO2 from the water. This is a widespread misconception in the hobby! CO2 and O2 are not related to each other in the water. Depending on the degree of saturation and the partial pressure gradient, they dissolve into air. Please bear in mind that we do not add pure oxygen to the aquarium, and instead add an air mixture of nitrogen, CO2, O2 and other components. When air pumps are used for ventilation, there is only an expulsion effect as a result of the enlarged surface of air/water if CO2 is added, to the effect that the partial pressure in the water is higher than in the air. This cannot be quantified without expending significant time and effort on metrology.