JBL Holiday

Brand: JBL
  • Food block for approx. 2 weeks.
  • Feeds approx. 25 average-sized ornamental fish.
  • The block only dissolves when the fish feed.
  • The gypsum content in the block is completely safe for the tank inhabitants.
  • Contents: 1 food block.
Colorant Iron Oxide Yellow E172  
Colorant Iron Oxide Red E172  
E 306 (natural vitamin E extracts)  
Vitamins, provitamins and other chemically defined substances with a similar effect (per 1000 g)
Vitamin A 25000 I. E.
Vitamin D3 2500 I. E.
Vitamin E 330 mg
Vitamin C(stable) 400 mg
Inosite 750 mg