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JBL CO2/pH Permanent Test

  • A special indicator instead of aquarium water permits direct measurement of the COâ‚‚ level in mg/l.
  • 20 – 25 mg/l COâ‚‚ is ideal.
  • Replace the indicator only every 3-4 weeks = lasts a total of 9-12 months.
  • Indicates the pH value (6.4 – 7.8) in addition to the COâ‚‚ level.
  • Mode of operation: The COâ‚‚ diffuses from the aquarium water into the air column within the permanent test casing and from there into the indicator liquid. As a result of the diffusing COâ‚‚ the pH value of the indicator changes and consequently also its colour, which is then compared on the colour scale. In this way the COâ‚‚ level and also the pH value can be read.
  • If however the pH value in the aquarium has been influenced by other factors (peat, pH-Minus), then the indicator of the JBL permanent test cannot react because these acids cannot diffuse into the indicator via the air column. The indicator always merely displays the pH value which is reached due to COâ‚‚.
  • The displayed COâ‚‚ level of the JBL permanent test is always correct, independent of any substances in the aquarium waters that are affecting the water.