JBL Clynol

Brand: JBL

JBL Clynol
Water conditioner for cleaning and clarifying fresh and saltwater aquariums

  • Water cleaner the natural way. Cleans and clarifies aquarium water the natural way. For fresh and saltwater aquariums and turtle tanks
  • Cleans and clarifies, eliminates discolouration and cloudiness, uses minerals to bind heavy metals, ammonium, proteins and odours
  • Healthy water, healthy fish: promotes the well-being of the aquarium dwellers
  • Initial cloudiness disappears after 2-24 hours and the water turns crystal-clear
  • Contents: 1 bottle Clynol. To use: weekly 10 ml/40 l water. Example: in a 60 l aquarium: 15 ml. For more serious occurances: 10 ml/40 l

Nature at Home – Home for fish and plants
Fish and invertebrates need to feel as much at home in the aquarium as in the wild. Micro-fine natural minerals spread in the water and, because of their individual surface structure, bind a wide range of unwanted substances, discolourers, particles and even bacteria. The entire aquarium practically becomes a huge filter. This naturally cleans the water and promotes the well-being of the fish and invertebrates. The turbidity which initially arises will disappear after 2 to 24 hours and the water will become crystal-clear.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can JBL Clynol, JBL Acclimol and JBL pH-Minus be used in a shrimp tank ?

Basically, all 3 of the mentioned water conditioners can be used in a shrimp tank.

However, when JBL pH-Minus is used, one must bear in mind that it should only be used in connection with the carbonate hardness. It is best to add JBL pH-Minus to the water to be used for the water change and to then measure the carbonate hardness, which should not be less than 3-4. JBL Acclimol is suitable for shrimp, but is better suited for fish. JBL Clynol is beneficial. Please note that JBL Biotopol C is a water conditioner that was specially developed for shrimp.

Can I use JBL Aradol if I have shrimp in my tank?

JBL Clonal can in fact bind the active ingredients of JBL Tropol, thereby removing them from the water.