JBL AquaBasis Plus (5L)

Brand: JBL

Aquarium Substrate

JBL AquaBasis Plus is the ideal aquarium substrate. It contains vital nutrients and essential elements (such as iron, minerals, trace elements) to nourish aquarium plants and their roots, supporting their healthy and strong growth long-term.

These nutrients are provided in depot form and are fully accessible and available to the root of the plants.

JBL AquaBasis Plus promotes rapid rooting, and results in healthy and strong root development.

The clay particles act as a nutrient store, binding excess nutrients and releasing as required. The clay particles also ensures better support for plants as compared to sand and soil.


  • Contains all essential nutrients such as iron, minerals and trace elements
  • Promotes growth of strong roots for plants in aquarium
  • Provide long-term nutrient for aquatic plants
  • Better support for plants as compared to sand and soil
  • Does not require mixing with gravel
  • Does not contain nitrates and phosphates which promote the growth of algae