ISTA Solar Digital Thermometer

Brand: ISTA

Product characteristics:

1. Solar smart power supply, transparent projection design.

2. Lcd screen, all day uninterrupted display, precision measurement.

3. No plug in, built in batteries, there's still 24 hours of electricity when there "s no light at all.

4. Intelligent solar power supply design, under sufficient light conditions, solar panels give priority to powering monitors, storage of excess electricity in batteries, less light, solar panel inadequate power supply, batteries, such as backup power supply, automatically intervene to power the monitor, ensure 24 hour display of screens, this will solve the need for frequent replacement of batteries and solar thermometers, problems that cannot be used in a weak light environment.

Product information:

1. Size: Diameter 7 cm、 thickness 1.5 cm.

2. Temperature display range: 0 ~ 70 ° c、 0 ~ 158 ° f.

3. Measurement cycle: Every 30 seconds.

4. Determination of longitude: (c) + 1 ° c. 5. Voltage: 1.5 v. Description of use: Tear off the 3 m glue protective film behind the back and put it on the fish tank glass to open the machine, fahrenheit / centigrade switching. Notes: Please don't put this product into water.