ISTA NH/CL Aqua Reliever

Brand: ISTA

Conditions the water by removing the toxic chlorine and heavy metals; also stabilizes

the pH value of water


Product Features

1) Neutralizes chlorine and heavy metals

2) Stabilizes pH value of water

3) Vitamin B supports the immune system and reduces stress


Product Description

Ista NH/CL Aqua Reliever contains vitamin B group and many delicate trace

elements which tackle the toxic chlorine and heavy metals, and maintain the pH

value of water to make water healthy and livable for the fish. The components of

vitamin B present in the formulation offers the fish increased resistance to diseases

and stress.


What are the benefits?

Your fish need a particular kind of environment to live and flourish. Water which is fit

for human use may prove seriously dangerous for the delicate aquatic creatures. Ista

brings a solution to give relief to you in the form of a water conditioner which works

to make the water just right as per the fish’s requirements.



Use the cap as measurement, one capful as 10cc. 20cc applies to 100L of tap water.