HIKARI Crab Cusine (50g)


Ideal For Crustaceans
High in enriched calcium to promote shell development and overall good health Crab Cuisine will help keep your crustacean friends safe from predators and looking their best! If you’re looking for an excellent diet for your pet hermit crab, look no further, Crab Cuisine will keep them in top form and resistant to diseases.

Mineral-Enriched Rapidly Sinking Sticks


  • Nutritional Excellence
    • High nutrient, vitamin and mineral levels
    • High in stabilized vitamin C to reduce stress and build resistance to diseases..
    • A complete diet with enriched calcium to help develop and maintain shell structure
    • Promotes unequalled form, health and coloration
  • Small Pellet
    • Hard pellet that quickly sinks to the aquarium bottom allowing your hard shelled friends to eat at their leisure
    • Won’t foul as quickly when used with hermit crabs
    • Will Not Dissolve Nor Cloud The Water

Crustacean Lovers agree

  • Hikari is the ONLY brand to buy. My 30 gallon eats nothing but. The red clawed crabs are on Hikari frozen Blood Worms, Brine Shrimp & Crab Cuisine and all are healthier than ever!
    —Carol K. via Twitter

For underwater creatures feed one (1) to four (4) mini sticks per animal twice daily based on size. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding, no sticks should remain an hour after feeding. For hermit crabs feed approximately 2g of food (a thimble full) once a week. Leave food in the animal’s enclosure for 24 hours. Remove all uneaten food after 24 hours to avoid contamination.
Hermit Crab Care & Maintenance: With proper care and feeding hermit crabs can live to be 10 years old. A clean environment free of debris and stagnant or soiled water is necessary for optimum health. Hermit crabs require large amounts of clear, clean water as part of their feeding. Their water source should be changed daily. Ideally, the temperature of their enclosure should be 75ºF(24ºC) with higher humidity and free of rapid temperature changes or drafts. Hermit crabs have no regular dining routine, rather they tend to eat at varying intervals from days to two weeks in length. For the best results feed Hikari Tropical Crab Cuisine in a clean shallow dish once a week. After 24 hours remove the food from the enclosure. Feed an amount equal to 2 grams of food (approximately a thimble full) for each hermit crab per feeding.

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