GREENSPADE Organic Vermicast


Green Spade Organic Vermicast is the end product from the process of composting Earthworms’ humus.

Now comes in a Limited Edition FUN pack too!


5 Litres (Approximately 2.4 kg)

NEW Mini Limited Edition Pack  (Approximately 400g-450g)


Vermicast is rich in humus which continues to break down in the soil and release valuable nutrients over time. The organic matter helps the soil to retain water and give the earth a soft and crumbly texture. The beneficial of microorganisms present in the vermicast break organic matter down into nutrient forms that plants can readily absorb.

Vermicast can be used as soil conditioner for existing plant pots and plots. It is organic and gentle on both our plants and our planet. Vermicast won’t burn seedlings or delicate foliage the way chemical fertilisers can.

How to use Vermicast in different ways:

  • For new potting – Mix Vermicast with Potting Soil Mix in 1:5 ratio for rich-in-nutrients for plants and vegetables.
  • Resurrect existing soil condition – Add a top mulch of vermicast to your existing soil or add it into the roots zone with soil to receive optimal results for healthy growth.
  • To make your own concentrated Vermicompost Tea – Mix Vermicast with water in 1:5 ratio, add a spoon of sugar fertiliser to feed the good bacteria and leave it for 3 hours with occasional stirring to induce oxygen. Dilute it with water in 1:5 ratio and apply it directly to the soil.