GREENSPADE GS Lime Sulphur (100ml)


A proven natural formula to eradicate and control fungal disease on plants. Lime Sulphur is a mixture of calcium hydroxide and sulphur – A gardening essential.


  • Treats and prevents a broad spectrum of fungal diseases (e.g powdery mildew)
  • Effective treatment for certain pests and insects.
  • Treats fungal diseases of ornamental plants like roses, dogwood, ninebark, garden phlox and rudbeckia.
  • Safe to use on fruits

Direction of Use:

Foliar spray: 2ml to 1L of water

Soil Application: 1L per 100sqm

  • Apply Every 2 to 3 weeks
  • Do not spray in hot temperature (>32 Degree Celsius) or Dry soil
  • Do not apply when plants are in moisture stress
  • Do not apply within 2 weeks of an oil spray

*Shake well before use.


Sulphur – 18%

Calcium – 2%

Solvent – 80%