FloraFelt Modular F12 (32"x24" / 01pc)


The FLORAFELT Full 12-Pocket Vertical Garden Planter is made from 100% recycled PET plastic felt mounted to a rigid plastic panel. Easy to mount or hang from mounting tabs. Non-toxic, durable and UV resistant. Includes Root Wrappers and Soaker Hose. Plants sold separately.

You can grow just about any plant in FLORAFELT Vertical Panels. This patented hybrid-hydroponic growing system lets plants thrive because their roots grow into the moisture in the felt.

Our innovative design routes water to the central layer and protects walls from moisture and keeps the front dry. Simply wrap the plants with the root wrappers in their existing soil and slide them into the pockets, creating your own wall gardens. Align multiple panels for massive living walls.



WEIGHT: 7-lbs (about 15-lbs planted)
SIZE: 32" wide x 24" high x 1-1/2" deep
Includes Root Wrappers and Soaker Hose.
Plants sold separately.



- Ready To Plant
- Lightweight - 1.5 lbs/sf (aprox. 5 lbs/sf planted)
- Made From Indestructible, Recycled Nylon Felt
- Easy-To-Mount Wall Gardening Solution
- Versatile - Move And Change Plants At Will



FULL POCKETS: Each Full-sized pocket is 10" wide by 6" deep. Felt stretches open to receive 4 to 6 inch potted plants. Use root wrappers to change and arrange plants easily.
FELT POCKETS - High tensile strength and resiliency - Superior thermal insulation and acoustical properties (0.66 noise reduction coefficient) - Will not break down or bottom out - Hypo-allergenic - Moth-proof; mildew and odor-resistant - Contains No Irritants Or Carcinogens. - Lightweight And formable. - Passes FMVSS 302.
BACKING BOARD - The backing board is a sturdy plastic sheeting extruded from polypropylene (HDPE). Its fluted ribs support both surfaces, making it light weight, tough and abuse resistant. Additionally, it is both chemical, water resistant, and recyclable.



ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters are fashioned from 100% recycled water bottles, creating a soft, luxuriant fabric that is non-toxic, UV stable and will last a lifetime. Recycled synthetic material creates an ideal environment for vertical gardens, and artists and architects favor them over organic materials that decay quickly. 

Your living wall will develop its own unique microenvironment, and exposure to the air facilitates the efficient breakdown of molecules into nutrients. 

We mount the felt pockets to recyclable, breathable, lightweight plastic fluted board that not only provides support, but protects walls from moisture.


It is only necessary to water the top row of pockets, letting the moisture spread to the lower levels. The microfibers provide a highly efficient grid to deliver water to every plant. Because water flows down, you don't have to worry about favoring the top row of plants over the bottom levels.

Based on how much collects at the bottom, you will quickly learn how much water is sufficient for your vertical garden. Runoff can be collected in drip trays to be recirculated or drained away. If your living wall is outside, simply let the water drip to the ground.


We designed Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters to hang on walls, fences or other supports.

Vertical Garden Planters can be framed for a stylish look and trimmed to any size.

Innovative designers and architects have used our system in a variety of unconventional but startlingly beautiful ways, even sloping surfaces that create a thrilling illusion of a river flowing with plants and flowers.


Our system of root wrappers and pockets allows you to transform your vertical garden for any mood or occasion. Experiment with color schemes, textures and combinations. 

Since the small amount of soil is neatly contained in the root wrapper, sliding plants in and out of pockets is as simple as stuffing an envelope.


Floraelft is hypo-allergenic, moth-proof, mildew and odor-resistant and contains no irritants or carcinogens.

The backing board is a sturdy plastic sheeting extruded from polypropylene (HDPE). Its fluted ribs support both surfaces, making it light weight, tough and abuse resistant. It is both chemical and water resistant.