FADEEV Organic Fertiliser (Seeds Starter / 500ml / RTU Spray)


An innovative ready-to-use spray for germination of seeds and cuttings rooting with 99% success. Unique organic mix rich with soil probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals for roots and young sprouts growth

  • Developed in Singapore from unique organic components
  • Highly efficient organic seeds starter
  • Ready-to-use spray
  • Increase germination, sprouts vigor and growth speed
  • Significantly increase seed germination, sprouts development and viability
  • Grow organic, save Nature!
  • It is organic, non-toxic and efficient.


  • Increase seeds germination to 99%
  • Suppress soil pathogens
  • Populate soil with probiotics
  • Provide young sprouts with all nutrients for strong development
  • Help seedlings to grow into strong plants
  • Protect vulnerable young plants from infections and insects

User Guide:

  • Shake the bottle.
  • Spray the seeds before planting or soak overnight in ABC.
  • Seed in soil following seeds producer instructions.
  • Soil probiotics may cause gas accumulation, which does not affect product quality. Release the gas and continue using.
  • Small amounts of precipitate may occur.
  • In case of poor soil, an extra application of NPK is recommended.