FADEEV Organic Fertiliser (For Orchids / 500ml / RTU Spray)


A customized ready-to-use spray for orchids health and rich blooming. Unique organic mix rich with P, K, Cu, Ag, Fe and other Earth Minerals required for orchids healthy growth and flowering.

  • Developed in Singapore from unique organic components
  • Highly efficient organic fertilizer for orchids
  • Ready-to-use spray enough for 3-4 months maintenance of 5-10 orchids
  • Increase number of flowers and flowering time
  • Efficiently improve orchids health and increase flowering
  • Grow organic, save Nature!
  • It is organic, non-toxic and efficient.


  • Ready-to-use spray
  • Application every 10-14 days results in constant blooming and healthy leaves
  • Customized organic formulation for orchids
  • ncrease number of flowers and flowering time
  • Safe for kids, pets and pollinators
  • Certified organic in European Union and Switzerland

User Guide:

  • Shake the bottle.
  • Spray on the plants, covering the underside of the leaves as well, and the planting media around the plants or directly on the roots every 7 days.
  • Soil probiotics may cause gas accumulation, which does not affect product quality. Release the gas and continue using.
  • Small amounts of precipitate may occur.
  • Orchids are very sensitive to roots aeration. Make sure the planting media is loose with air circulation.